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YS, Wood-Fired Oven, YS1500, Assembly

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Introducing the wood fired oven insert for the YS1500 Pellet Grill, brought to you by Yoder Smokers, the creators of The World's Most Versatile Pellet Grill. While many may associate wood fired ovens solely with pizza, this insert takes culinary possibilities to a whole new level. Unleash your creativity as you explore a wide range of cooking options, from crafting authentic Neapolitan pizzas to sautéing and baking with finesse.


Harnessing the formidable power of the YS1500 Pellet Grill, Yoder Smokers has designed this wood fired oven insert to rival even the most prestigious ovens available on the market. Its intelligent construction allows for simultaneous cooking from both the bottom and top, ensuring quick and efficient cooks while achieving delectable broiler-like browning.


Beyond traditional oven functionality, we've made an exciting discovery—thanks to the exceptional heat generated and premium materials used in its construction, the top of the oven doubles as a high-powered cooking surface when paired with cast iron or carbon steel cookware. Your culinary journey with the Yoder Smokers Wood Fired Oven knows no bounds; it's limited only by your imagination. Prepare to elevate your grilling experience to extraordinary heights with this exceptional wood fired oven insert.

If you're looking for an easy to use and highly capable wood fired oven that will inspire you to reach beyond ordinary meals, Yoder Smokers’ Wood Fired Oven is the perfect match. This oven will change your life - in fact, you may never cook indoors again.


  • For use in YS1500(S) model pellet grills
  • Designed to operate on standard, left-hand hopper unit
  • Made in the USA 
  • From power-on to ready-to-cook in 30-minutes
  • Cook with your grill’s lid open or closed 
  • Dome and frame are constructed of carbon steel with coated steel finish
  • Achieves 700-degrees fahrenheit at the stone and 900-degrees at the top of the dome
  • Proprietary 3/4” thick kiln-fired stone provides near immediate recovery
  • This unit comes with a cooking grate that fits to the right of the oven for indirect grilling while using the wood fired oven
  • Precise temperature control allows you roast, sear, and bake effortlessly 
  • Cooks from the bottom up and top down simultaneously 
  • Versatile enough to control and cook at lower temps for items like bread, chicken, and casseroles with broiler-like browning on top 
  • Place a Cast Iron pan on the top to sauté sauces, roast potatoes and more. 
  • Even cooking surface, convection air creates a crisp crust and melty topping at the same time
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 17.75" deep x 19.75" wide x 6.75" high
  • Oven opening dimensions: 4.125" high x 14.188" wide
  • Heat diffuser dimensions: 20" deep x 21" wide
  • Model Number: A93630
  • Patent Pending

What's Included

  • Oven frame
  • Oven dome
  • 3/4" thick kiln-fired baking stone
  • 18" wide x 24" deep cooking grate (creates the cooking surface to the right of the oven)

Instructions for Use

Setup is simple; there is no need to remove the heat management system panels - just remove the cooking grates and second shelf if installed.

Place the oven frame on the grate rails and position it against the left-hand side of the grill.

Next, place the oven dome into the frame by inserting the four tabs into receiving slots.

Place the 19" wide cooking grate to the right side of the oven for indirect grilling while the oven is in use.

Place stone in oven rough side up and preheat grill for 30 minutes until the dome and stone are sufficiently heated.